A group uses consolidated accounts when it is made up of a parent company with several subsidiaries. Consolidation makes it possible to group together all the accounts in order to obtain an overview of the financial health of a group.

Consolidation can originate from a legal obligation or an internal need. It is a valuable management and reporting tool. It is very important for a group to have an effective consolidation and operational reporting system.

However, it is sometimes difficult to obtain this information in the case of a group of companies with subsidiaries based in different countries, especially with the need to reduce closure deadlines and with the requirement to obtain reliable accounting information.

Our firms help you set up mapping of the accounts of your Italian subsidiaries in order to obtain a common accounting reference system. We also assist you in defining the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese accounting principles and methods applied to the consolidated accounts under IFRS.

We set up annual or biannual consolidation packages for your Italian subsidiaries. 

Our teams also guide you and your Statutory Auditors in how to interpret the accounts of your Spanish, Italian or Portuguese subsidiaries.