Employment contract

Hiring an employee in Spain, Italy and Portugal can bring both risks and opportunities. SORECO and its team of French accountants will support you and take care of all or part of the mandatory procedures in order to guarantee you comply with the law and can benefit from the advantages offered by the Spanish legislator.

SORECO can, on behalf of the employer, take care of making declarations to the competent bodies, help with the timely hiring of employees, as well as draft the employment contracts according to the information that you provide us (duration of the contract, number hours worked, etc.).

The various missions related to the employment contract are as follows:

  • Drafting of employment contract: Permanent contract fixed-term contract, part-time contract,
  • Drafting of endorsement and employment commitment,
  • Affiliation of the company with the competent bodies,
  • Affiliation of the company with compulsory mutual insurance companies,
  • Hiring declaration,
  • Search for aid and hiring exemptions,
  • Hiring simulations and cost study,
  • Staff selection and management,
  • Assistance in choosing a remuneration system for managers,
  • Assistance with audits and advice.
Employment contract