Wage portage

Are you looking to hire employees in Italy, but it is not possible because your legal structure is still not defined or is in the process of being set up?

Are you looking to commission an independent provider and want them to benefit from employee status in Italy ?

Are you looking to commission a provider who does not have a status that allows them to invoice you?

SORECO can help you by porting your employees to Italy for as long as you wish.

What is wage portage in Italy ?

Wage portage can be defined as a set of contractual relations organised between a portage company (SORECO), a person ported (the employee) and client companies, meaning for the person ported the salary scheme and remuneration for their service at the client comes via the portage company (SORECO).

Wage portage

How does wage portage work?

The employee and our client company directly negotiate the terms of the mission (nature, duration, price). SORECO then signs an assignment contract with its client and, concomitantly, an employment contract under Italian law with the employee. Thereafter, SORECO will invoice its client for the fees corresponding to the mission and will pay the employee the corresponding salary. The employment contract may subsequently be subrogated to another entity.