As soon as the first employee is hired, the company assumes various compulsory and recurring legal obligations which involve the preparation of payslips.

The preparation of payslips requires knowledge of Italien legal and contractual provisions, whether national, regional or local.

Every month, SORECO’s payroll experts, based in Milan, Turin and Padua, draw up payslips for your employees based on the information you provide us (number of hours worked, annual gross salary, holidays, etc.).

The different missions related to payslips are as follows:

  • Preparation of payslips,
  • Drafting and sending salary summaries,
  • Sending payslips and preparing salary transfers,
  • Monitoring of rights: working time, paid leave, etc.
  • International mobility: Declaration of employee secondments, impatriate and expatriate employees, etc.
  • Declaration of work accidents, maternity leave, etc.
  • Processing of all account balances,
  • Mission to verify the regularity of payroll items.