Property management

Property Management consists of the legal and administrative management of real estate on behalf of an owner (rentals, day-to-day management of the property, asset manager, etc.). A mission that combines legal (real estate law), technical, financial, accounting and tax skills.

SORECO has specialised in Property Management in Italy for more than 20 years and offers you a comprehensive and tailor-made offer:

1. Representation of the owner

SORECO replaces the owner in all their relations with third parties: public and private administrations, tenants, insurance companies, auditors.

2. Lease management

Our legal expertise ensures compliance with the contractual obligations of your commercial leases and takes care of obtaining all the necessary obligations.

3. Accounting and financial management

  • Preparation of invoices, sending to rented properties and monitoring of receipts so as to guarantee you control of your rental income.
  • Implementation of reliable monthly reporting needed for decision-making.
  • Development and monitoring of budgets
Property management